Brands that support and become a part of the InsideOut Readers’ Choice Awards 2019 can expect to gain extensive promotion across the Gulf News digital and print portfolios, reaching millions online and through social media, and gaining an estimated 1.4million impressions through our strategic advertising campaigns.

Exposure will span across Gulf News publications including the Gulf News main newspaper, Tabloid, Friday, Wheels and Baby & Child, as well their respective websites and the InsideOut website and social media platforms. Sponsors will reach over three million followers on the Gulf News Facebook page alone, and tens of thousands of voters on the InsideOut website.

We offer a range of sponsorship packages, including different sponsorship tiers plus the opportunity to become a gifting partner.

For the full list of benefits and packages, contact the InsideOut sales manager, Mariem Ali on 04-4067160 and maali@gulfnews.com.